Jeti Fund Partnership

Jeti Fund Partnership

Share our offered finanical services with others and enjoy financial benefits - it's that simple.

We have a structured partnership offer to provide customers with an additional option to earn and profit from our firm. In your account partnership section you will be able to find your partnership link and share it with others. After other individuals use your partnership link to register, they automatically become your referral. From this point on you can earn partnership commission from your referrals’ deposits. Your earn from both your first and second level referrals.

First Level commission 10% on first deposits.

Regular commission of 10% from referrals first deposits are applied to each user that owns a personal account and no active deposit is needed; just share your partnership link and earn. Your partnership link is available in your personal account, in the ‘partnership’ section.

Level Up Commissions

Partners are awarded with higher partnership commission on achieving certain referral milestones which would be communicated to them by mail! Level up and earn more!

Regional Representative

To Become A Regional Representative, You Must Have At Least 20 (twenty) Direct Referrals With Active Investments Each. With 20 Direct Referrals, You’ll Be Qualified To Become Jeti Fund Regional Representative Which Gives 20% Referral Deposit Instead Of Regular 10%.
The Company Will Give You A Verified ID Card As A Regional Representative
* Other Benefits Of Regional Representative Includes Getting Monthly Allowance Of $1,000 Every 28th Each Month
* Finance Support For Organizing Seminars And Events In Your Region.
* As A Jeti Fund Regional Representative, The Company Will Also Sponsor A Free 2 Weeks Trip To Jeti Fund Firm HQ In Australia. This Trip Usually Occurs “17th January” & “6th May” Every Year For All Regional Representatives
To learn the requirements of our Regional Representative offer kindly contact us by emailing or simply reach us on our live chat portal. Your email should contain the following Information: country of residence, full name, username, email, Phone Number and prior promotional experience. We’ll assess your email within 24 business hours, and you’ll be informed of your status via email.